Atom and Ion on board. More detailed dismantling True to his word in the comments, WallyWallWackr has taken pictures of him dismantling and modifying his poor defenceless Revo. Mine had 2 x Mbyte sticks, but standard configuration varies depending on OS choice. David Bayon 19 May You may have a penchant for watching movies from iTunes or perhaps you have an HD camcorder that records to SD card, but by and large the main source of legit HD movies right now is Blu-ray Disc. The ethernet was a little more troublesome, but still nowhere near the battle I had expected with an Nvidia based chipset.

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You seem to be using acer aspire r3600 unsupported browser. It could equally lie on its side on a shelf or even attach to the back of your monitor using a VESA mount. Previous Atom-based models, with their integrated graphics from Intel, have lacked the grunt to play back high definition video smoothly, but our initial look at a pre-production Ion sample earlier this year gave us hope that nettops could find a niche acer aspire r3600 low-cost media devices.

Acer Aspire R Specs – CNET

The ethernet was a little more troublesome, but still nowhere near the battle I had expected with an Nvidia based chipset. The Revo is built around a Acer aspire r3600 motherboard and has a tiny lozenge-shaped case that measures x x 37mm.

Behind the two Asus machines too, for that matter. It’s a shame there are no analogue surround-sound outputs for anyone with an older amplifier that doesn’t have HDMI inputs. Whichever package you choose, the rest of the Revo is the same. Acer aspire r3600 wasn’t too bothered at Debian 5 detected it automatically at install.

The case stands on edge and clips acer aspire r3600 a transparent base that is horribly unstable and which gives the impression that it was an afterthought in the design process. Go to plug in a aceer drive and you have to hold the Revo steady with the other hand just to line up the port.

Acer AspireRevo

You do not need to remove this to change the hard drive, just hinge the board over on the cables. Ah, yes, HD movies. Stick it to the back of your acer aspire r3600. There’s a Kensington lock slot too.

Acer Aspire Revo R review | Alphr

xcer The combination of Atom and DG has been asoire for the creation of the market for ‘nettop’ desktop PCs that offer basic services such as e-mail and browsing the web at acer aspire r3600 low price. On another side, there are headset jacks, a four-in-one card reader and an eSata port. However, we are acer aspire r3600 too impressed by the slowness of the system.


Acer Aspire Revo R review. Image 1 of 2. Nvidia is keen to show that you get better value for money by spending your cash on the GPU rather than the CPU, so it’s cockahoop that a manufacturer as big as Acer has rolled out the Aspire Revo.

Again the heatsink has already been removed in this picture. The Revo is a diamond-shaped box about the size of a hardback book, and is designed to sit upright on a clear plastic stand that you clip to its base.

We were able to play Blu-ray quality p video using Media Player Classic which is free from http: But that’s the only real low point of the Revo’s design, which feels sturdy and more expensive acer aspire r3600 most nettops of this size.

It did drop a few frames here and there in crowded action scenes, but we only noticed when analysing footage statistically – to acer aspire r3600 naked eye our clips remained smooth.

Acer aspire r3600 Ion chipset is a rebranding exercise for the GeForcethis time offered with support for Atom rather than Core 2. The inclusion of a memory card reader and Draft-N wireless puts the Revo firmly ahead acer aspire r3600 other nettops. David Bayon 19 May The Revo was the slowest PC in our benchmarks, but don’t worry about its joint-last score in the video tests, since this isn’t a test of the ability to play video, but of the CPU’s performance when encoding it.

Inside the Acer Aspire Revo R3600

Just gently push the plastic clips outwards and pull the board straight acer aspire r3600 off the main board. In normal Windows tasks you won’t notice much difference, as long as you don’t need to run many applications at once.

Thanks to its ability to play p HD video and the fact that it’s incredibly quiet, it could be the perfect media centre PC for your living room. An overall score of 0. Ion started life as the GeForcewhich is a chipset that connects Intel’s Core 2 acer aspire r3600 to decent integrated graphics.