For more news about Jack Wallen, visit his website jackwallen. If you have no problem following those instructions, you do not need to read further in this section. RAM is not so hard to get these days so you might go with 1 GB or 2 GB and you will really notice an improvement in performance on that machine. How France reinvented itself for the 21st century by wooing entrepreneurs to Paris. LinuxMint Download and select “Linux Mint

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Leeenux Linux – The Best Operating System for Netbooks, eee PC

The listing will likely be long, but if the fonts are loading correctly, you will see X font names like these for Arial and Garamond, respectively:. The boot takes a couple of asks.

The rest of this page is devoted to some installation tweaks you may or may not find useful. I will say that the installation of these distributions is made asus eee pc linux simple with the help of Unetbootin.

System Simplification Ubuntu has bloated significantly over the years, which not only makes the system more confusing to use, but reduces response time with this system’s weak CPU.

Later models expanded features while retaining the small form factor. March 5th, 9. If you’ve purchased a netbook, you’re most likely looking at either Xandros Linux or some version of Windows. March 5th, 5. This Asus eee pc linux PC-focused distribution might well be the best Linux for the netbook. This will make sure the card reader sees a card when inserted. RAM is not asus eee pc linux hard to get these days so you might go with 1 GB or 2 GB and you will ee notice an improvement in performance on that machine.

March 4th, 1.

Then backups can be run over any of the USB ports. Asus eee pc linux we aaus to aptitude: If you are interested to asus eee pc linux more, there is an excellent GRUB tutorial online. I would thoroughly recommend it Asue longstanding problems with the Atheros AR wireless chip are largely gone now, although I had a problem with the network-manager preventing connection to access points:. The machine will not boot the OS no hard drive or keyboard but if you get a BIOS boot screen, you’re back in business.


Linux on a EeePC

These backups are stored on D: Most of the driver issues with previous distributions of Ubuntu are resolved as of this version. Get A Precise Brightness Control! Oc, we make sure that we also install the bootloader, GRUB. Puppy Asus eee pc linux is probably your best bet for getting the most out of this eeepc.

Forum rules Please don’t add support questions to tutorials,start your own thread in the appropriate sub-forum linxu. In that case, the bottom part of the window is hiding below the bottom of your screen. After the install completes you will be prompted to restart Ubuntu and azus from the new installation on the hard drive. Find More Posts by rokytnji View Blog. If you are not using it, you could delete this D: Of all of the distributions above, Fedora will have the slowest startup times.

I deleted the existing partitions and chose this layout of primary partitions:. But i rarely do. Because of the nature asus eee pc linux the netbook, you need to avoid too many writes to the RAM drive and you px need a swap partition.

March 6th, Wireless interfaces listed therein will allegedly slow down the bootup process asus eee pc linux disable the Wicd Network Manager. That’s because their names start with an accented letter.

Jack Wallen is an award-winning writer for TechRepublic and Linux.