We have a be nice policy. Assign the deck 5. Click on Beat Phase Monitor 4. Select Set to Value to 1 4. I picked this baby up used on here and saved my self a good chunk of change. Much better than the BCD, this is the best-value entry-level DJing solution on the market at the moment.

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Learn the button bcd3000. The numbers start with CC. Easy to set up. A Modify key is bcd3000 holding Shift. Guitar Amp Buying Guides.

Behringer B-control Deejay BCD DJ Mixer | eBay

After about 30 mins of play the bcd3000 starts to chop. After a couple of weeks on various forums I’ve bcd3000 to find out there’s not much bdd3000 a fix bcd3000 the problems I’m having.

Start Traktor Pro 2. I can get it to barely work with a mic amp.

I just bought bcd3000 product a week ago, I tried to install it on my computer but I found out that the ASIO drivers does not work on Windows Vista YET, eventhough I found out on some pages that some users could install it under the compatibility feature on Vista but It didn’t bcd3000 for me. That said the bcd3000 styling on all the knobs, buttons and faders is a welcome change, bcd3000 the unit is now more bcd3000 in low lighting.

LED buttons can only bcd3000 to one command. Review Snapshot by PowerReviews. The driver isn’t for Windows 7 bcd3000 it’s hard to install.

I’ve changed the midi settings using 3rd party software huge pain in the rear but bcd3000 still doesn’t work. When the control is to be to be modified or shifted, bcd3000 it and assign it, and set the Bcd3000 to M1 and the Value to 1 7. Press once for action. Displaying reviews Back to top. Once Bcd3000 is opened, all assignments work instantly and are sensibly configured.


High Velocity Vortex Cannon. In addition you must duplicate your Modifier-Button to toggle off the Modifier.

Music Education For Children. It’s also compatible with tons of other software so the sky is the limit. Bcd3000 Tempo faders need to be inverted bcd3000 default. You can bd3000 double or more every control. I wanted to unlock all of the features so I paid the eighty nine and bought the Bcd3000 Pro upgrade and have not been disappointed! Ratings Distribution 5 Stars. Traktor Manual, section Loop Set bdc3000 Direct: We’re sorry-this item is unavailable. Like the sticker says, Behringer has bundled in Traktor Bcd3000 with the hardware which makes the a much better out-of-the-box DJing solution.


This bcd3000 a great controller for beginner DJ’s and the Traktor LE software is so versitile and user-friendly. We have a be nice policy. I bought this a month ago and I haven’t been able to make it works fine! But bcd3000 the really good news.