And why is wifi-sharing needed when you have to plug it in? I haven’t tried BlackBerry Link in virtual box yet, but judging from my experience with OS 7, you’ll probably be able to backup and restore your phone with the windows software just fine. In Dolphin, enter “smb: Especially if you’re not using SFTP. Then initiate an SSH session to the device and run shell commands.

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As you Linux users out there know, there is no BlackBerry Link for blackberry linux, and mass storage is only available for the external SD card, but we are not screwed! No Samba, no FTP. We can bpackberry list the files blackberry linux the format is known by our BlackBerry.

No BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Linux? Check out LinBerry!

Then initiate an SSH session to the device and run shell commands. Wiping applications will remove all.

During the registration process, you have to be online. Then you can transfer every single file you want in both directions except files that are protected by access privileges. You can transfer every kind of files using several methods also blackberry linux Linux. With the last release, it is possible to: Blackberry linux version of Dolphin requires you to right click on “network”, then “add entry”. You need both devices in the same wifi network for that, the provided FTP address will be a local one I haven’t success blackberry linux with Linjx tools.

Samba has also essentially made itself the default file transfer method through the ubiquity of Windows. Originally Posted by notoandroidiphone. JavaLoader is blackberry linux with the Barry project. Transfer files to your BB10 with Linux.


Download the latest version of LinBerry for Ubuntu free in English on CCM

Otherwise it works as you said. PTP Layer error 02fe: This command have several arguments: You will be prompted to enter the password. Nobody needs BB Link for file transfer.

We spoke about file transfer, so I assumed “normal” pictures, videos, MP3 and such stuff. Blackberry linux don’t see a place to enter the address as you indicated. You will see a notification along blackberry linux lines of “wired connection 2 connected”.

I use the last release of Barry project. Wifi sharing is needed for samba as far as I can tell it blackberry linux the toggle for the samba server.


Barry blackberry linux an Open Source application that will provide synchronization, backup, restore and program management for BlackBerry devices. I’m really amazed there is no way to backup the phone on a SD blackbsrry.

Blackberry linux features can be used and are available in the last Barry blaclberry. First, you have to register you RIM’s developper to get your keys.

It’s a professionnal product. FF22IgorriokPHughes and 2 others like this. Log in or Sign up. In Dolphin, enter “smb: To sync your Blackberry with Evolution, blackberry linux OpenSync version 0. It’s possible to use your Blackberry linux device to debug step by step your Java applicationser.