I have a question though. Hi, I purchased the XL Tour model this year in mid-season and it has been fantastic. A dead center hit is penetrating, a mid-high hit launches high but with minimal backspin, a fabulous downwind driver! In Florida we have lots of French Canadians who come down and love golf. Stiff would be the right one for you.

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I just cant hit it poorly and sure as hell rarley mis a fairway! I was hitting off a mat into a net. From behind the clubs you are more easily sl to see how Cleveland has moved weight behind the bottom half of the ball. I have been on launch monitors and at the range with various other drivers and shafts with limited results.

Oh, and if you want this driver to fly high, tee it up high. I am in the market for a complete new set this year, big 50 B-day present from my wife. Cleveland xl hibore S Flex shaft.

Cldveland values are based on several factors such as demand, condition, release date and other resale factors. I bought a I wish I cleveland xl hibore heard about this last fall when the exchange program was still available. Cleveland xl hibore you are one of the thousands of golfers who hit a slice then you should look closely at this driver.

Cleveland HiBore XL Driver Reviews

I imagine that my swing speed is considerably slower with this club and as it starts to cleveland xl hibore heavier I may start to press a cleveland xl hibore.

First couple of rounds settling into to the feel of the new club but this weekend my drives were cleveland xl hibore, accurate and consistent which resulted in me shooting 4 under my handicap. BTW- my current driver is a Jack Nicklaus that came with the set My swing speed is mph — mph and I get through the ball well. Actually, I hit the 8. No offense to anyone but for me this was one of the worst drivers I have ever used. The Tour model has a shallower body to allow for more workability.


I have the Hibore XL 8.

In five minutes after discovering the problem, Cleveland xl hibore almost eliminated my dreaded hook. I have been playing with it for about a year. This driver has made a huge difference to my game. It just really frees up my swing. I bought c,eveland whole iron set, 3 to PW, plus D wedge, 3 wood and driver, as well as CG11 sand and lob wedge. Boy was I impressed but he advised me to wait for the hibore xl. Hit anywhere from to yards and get cleveland xl hibore of roll.

Today’s Golfer

I have a tendency to draw hook the ball and cleveland xl hibore ball flight tends to be low. If you still have the grafalloy shaft and liked it, try putting it in the hjbore XL. Its face is slightly toed in and as a result greatly reduces the chance of hitting cleveland xl hibore right side of the fairway. Finally decided to get the XL with gold shaft after reading the reviews. Very high ball flight.

Cleveland HiBore XL Driver

Giving a good hard swing at the 1st hole saw the ball slicing off. We cleveland xl hibore use other accounts. My drive is last not really lost any distance in comparison to my Launcher Comp.

We take actual images of the item you are buying! Tests of various clubs including the HiBore driver, HiBore hybrid and so on. A great club that does what it is supposed to and I kind of like the cleveland xl hibore once I got used to it.