Did you remove memory modules during the disassembly process? To call Dell, dial , select option 3 when prompted. I did as instructed it and replaced the power jack,then I plugged in the power adapter, and charged the battery even the light of charging showed in the front, but I tried to turn on the laptop, I pressed the power button and then the computer goes off after one second or less. If you are reinstalling Windows or updating all drivers, it is important that this software be installed first. How can this be resolved. I read this on a site that this might also be the default for the Hard drive.

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Thank you for contacting Dell Warranty Support. Go to Diagnostics Tab and Run the Test from there. Some devices may not dell vostro 1510 bluetooth properly if the drivers are installed out of order. You can support this site.

How to Turn on Bluetooth in Vostro – Dell Community

I thought it just needed a credit card on file,but not going to charge it. Click the bluetooth device you want to install from the list and then click the ‘Next’ button and wait for windows to configure the bluetooth device.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Hi,its easy go in “starts” menu and then go in all programs and then dell vostro 1510 bluetooth i bluetooth, then dell vostro 1510 bluetooth in wireless file transfer,after doing tht a bluetooth ikon will appear near the place where you see the clock on moniter,right click on that ikon and then select the option u want to perform.

How to take apart Dell Vostro 1510

Does your motherboard has a connector for the external video card? I have installed bluetooth driver from Internet on my laptop. Fuses in laptops soldered to the motherboard, not easily replaceable.

Kelly, My power port is damaged and the plug keeps falling out. The problem seems to exist before Windows loads.

If you are reinstalling Windows or updating all drivers, it is important that this software be installed first. Do you have two modules installed? Wireless Network Card – Enables and enhances the wireless network controller.

Will it be possible dell vostro 1510 bluetooth replace graphics card? Here are the steps that we need to perform to further isolate the issue: I was wondering whether anyone has any info on which other Intel C2D processors can be fitted to this and other dell vostro 1510 bluetooth I actually had been having strange problems with my wireless, such as it not working until I flipped on and off the physical wireless switch on the computer.


It is greatly appreciated My laptop: I posted earlier on Stackexchance electronicsbut they closed the question saying it was the wrong forum. Some wireless cards have a third antenna connection. It is recommended that you print this list for reference when installing drivers. Sunshuvo, My vostro is not showing anything on the screen when I switch it on.

Problem with vostro wireless installing/enabling, please help – Dell Community

Hello, I would like to thank you for this amazing website! Eitherway, I am basically left with an external hard drive, as the ovstro does operate on a remote screen.

I have a with J motherboard integrated intel graphics and middle of the road T cpu. I did a hard reset and re-booted — the dell vostro 1510 bluetooth windows logo appeared on the extended monitor as usual which then dell vostro 1510 bluetooth blow but the laptop screen still black.

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I had such a lot of data stored in it and if at all the hard disk needs to be replaced where can I find the right one for vostro In your case it will be a different number. And about dell vostro 1510 bluetooth order to install drivers; I haven’t tried it yet.

When you get to the cmos battery, leave the battery where it is stuck to the board with a pad and pull out the wires where they go into the white connecter on the board. I embedded them for you. Disconnect two antenna cables from the vodtro dell vostro 1510 bluetooth. I changed the settings to ACH, to no avail.