The white balance setting is hidden in manual mode under scene presets, making it a far less convenient solution than it could have been. Pros Sharp pictures, good colour, 9-megapixel sensor. This adds some extra warmth to the photo without it picking up an orange caste. Related Reviews Nikon D Istant Photo System Instax mini

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It offers quick access finepix a900 commonly used modes like automatic, scene preset, portrait, and movie. The camera’s automatic white balance works poorly under incandescent light, horribly yellowing what would otherwise be white pictures. Fujifilm FinePix A 3. Visit manufacturer site for details. That finepix a900 frame leaves finepix a900 room for the two AA batteries that power the camera, plus a dual-format memory card slot that can take both xD and SD cards.

finepix a900 Its 39mm-tomm-equivalent Fujinon lens a9000 perks up the A, giving it a finepix a900 zoom factor compared to most budget models’ 3x lenses. Nearly everything about it, from its 9-megapixel resolution to its finepix a900 jog dial, simply feels Fujifilm Holdings Corporation Investor Relations. I Agree – Begin Download. Carefully read the notes provided here. Never turn the camera off or attempt to use any of fknepix camera controls while the firmware is being overwritten.

Digital Camera Developing Register your camera. Business Products Medical Systems Index. The controls finepix a900 slightly bizarre, with the scroll wheel sitting vertically above the directional pad, which may take some getting used to. finspix

Fuji FinePix A900

Colour response was good with excellent white balance adjustment and accurate hues. Bottom Line FujiFilm’s FinePix A won’t suit experienced photographers, but if all you’re after is a basic point and shoot model without finepix a900 bells and whistles it may satisfy your needs. As usual I have boosted the colours by using a white balance setting of shady. Generally cameras have both their manual and automatic modes on the function wheel, allowing an easy transition between the two.

Fujifilm distinguishes itself as the only major camera manufacturer to offer 9-megapixel cameras, thanks to the company’s Super CCD finepix a900 every other big camera company skips finepix a900 from 8 megapixels to 10, so the A appears atypical from the very start.


Firmware for A | Fujifilm Global

Each menu and sub-menu was finepix a900 an understandable order and category. The Finepix A has a bit of an old fashioned feel to it. It’s rare to see a camera coming with a 9-megapixel sensor.

It has 9 megapixels and a slightly finepix a900 than standard 4x zoom lens.

Fujifilm A Review

This website uses cookies. The Best Amazon Alexa Skills. I must finepix a900 that the lighting used is not too challenging, but the Finepix A still managed to outperform many other cameras.

Instead, FujiFilm has squirreled the cinepix mode away in one of the scene options, which is an extremely fiddly place to put it and to be honest it finepix a900 really make sense. You’ll probably want to use the flash if your subject is badly lit or even just a dark color. Despite these issues, if you don’t print finepix a900 photos very large and remember to set the proper white balance or scene preset before shooting, your pictures finepix a900 look good.

For a camera in this price range it produces a good level of sharpness. The finepix a900 started fairly fine but gradually grew larger as we increased the sensitivity. FujiFilm’s FinePix A won’t suit experienced photographers, but finepix a900 all you’re after is a basic point and shoot model without the bells and whistles it may satisfy your needs.

This compact finepis model is a great step-up from APS-C models, as long The Fuji Finepix A is a very simple digital camera. With the finepix a900 enabled, that wait ballooned to 4. I think even a basic digital camera should be finepix a900 to manage a sharply focused shot in these conditions. The Best Digital Cameras of