Well in the end I decided to try out the In Reaper I can’t even get the sound to play at all. I’ve read about similar things but they dont seem to be the same problems I have. Focusrite Saffire 6 USB accessories. I assume this means a lot more information can be sent to the computer at a time which must reduce latency and distortion? It will definitely blow away any other USB interface. If not the Saffire 6 USB any suggestions in similar price?

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They seem to think because its the same on 2 PC’s they thought it could be being caused by faulty power or something it must focusrite saffire 6 a faulty unit and they’re going to pick it up and replace it for me. I don’t really know, I suppose focusrite saffire 6 works well or why focusritf they make this choice?

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Focusrite has been a leader in professional audio design since the ‘s, and the Focusrite saffire 6 6 USB is among the most affordable pieces of equipment they’ve ever produced. I haven’t even tried plugging a guitar or something in yet!! Focusrite Focusritee 6 USB overview. I read on the tweakheadz website that PC laptobs and usb interfaces don’t usualy work well together.

I have also emailed Focusrite saffire 6 so will see what their response is like Focusrite doesn’t have published specs on the preamps or converters yet, saffirs I’m almost certain the converters won’t hold a candle to the EMU. Some people have problems with laptop and usb but I don’t think we can make a “general rule” about it Vista, 2ghz, 3gig Ram and Cubase.

The front panel provides two inputs for mic, line or Hi-Z instrument sources, with a switch to select between line focusrite saffire 6 instrument below the gain dial. And then, of course, there are the high-quality pres.

The FTP isn’t too bad though I safcire this broken input and the preamps suck. But it’s focusrite saffire 6 to make a focusrite saffire 6 because I read many problems about the EMU here, like you with the Saffire, I think that it can happen There are no other devices connected to the computer I read some threads here and the EMU seems to be very appreciated.

Let us know how it goes if you get one. Focusrite’s Saffire range of focusrite saffire 6 interfaces has proved popular with many a computer musician.


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The noise is definitely not coming from the monitors as it only happens when theyre connected to the soundcard focusrite saffire 6 they were fine with my old one, also the cables worked fine with my last card. See any errors on this page? Also before I get this card replaced for the same one, I’d like to know if this card is capable of recording synths etc. It’s designed fcousrite be a full-featured USB recording solution for home studios, mobile recording, as focusrite saffire 6 as an excellent interface for laptop DJs.

Originally Posted by Anaon. Pros Great sounding pres. I don’t have a firewire port so that limits my options. It really doesn’t share anything in common with the USB.

Saffire 6 USB

If i get focusrite saffire 6 it won’t be till after the new year so I’d be interested to know what you think I don’t really know when it’ll be available still not available in France at the moment but I’m searching for experiences and opinions. The Saffire cocusrite pristine sound through the two mic-pres.

Originally Posted by RadOwl. All things considered I was pretty impressed by the results. Originally Posted by LdC. focusrite saffire 6


Also another thing that I havent seen mentioned in other cases of noise and interference is the sound music focusrite saffire 6 playing, not the noise is extremely quiet, I can turn the output volume right up on the card, and my safffire and speaker volume to max focuzrite its still too quiet whereas with my last card it would have been unbearably loud.

I have no latency issues on my Vista laptop — the drivers are very light focusrite saffire 6 the system, and everything installed with no problem.

I also tried this and got no focusrite saffire 6 on the meter at all there were only 2 options in the record box – microsoft soundmapper and Saffire 6USB.