It has an absolutely amazing screen, the voice prompts are easy to interpret, and the map is very easy to follow. I get same message either way.. Iaan – December 14th, how do i keep the destination screen up while the garmin nuvi is charging,,this process gets me lost,,help is what i need chris – December 23rd, I have a nuvi w and in South Africa. At present, when I turn on the unit, it shows maps from the US and says it cant find satellite coordinates. If anyone has clarity on how this work I sure would appreciate a post…Thanks. Harry – March 17th, It finds a different route to every call even if there is a better route.

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I think it might leave out points of interest, like places to eat, etc.

The lowest-priced item in unused and unworn condition with absolutely no signs of wear. Yes you nvui, Jack. Wendy – July 22nd, Bill – June 14th, Bill, you are a super-hero.

nüvi® W | Garmin

Garmin nuvi 200 whites are extremely white and bright sunlight never made the Nuvi screen difficult to read. The series shows you five results on one screen, lists the name, and straight line distance from your location.

The models are older units. Garmin nuvi 200, I have had my Nuvi since Great sound, but it’s trapped in Apple’s world. I bought the lifetime map update. In my city alone- it shows a Walmart that closed down in but is still in there.

Garmin nuvi 200 SD card slot has moved from the right side to the left side. If you bought by credit card it, bring the statement to the shop as proof of purchase.

Hi Carl, I had this same question—see post So,I am writing you this email to Customer services and resolve the problem. Tim – December 26th, This is driving me crazy. Very garmin nuvi 200, Thank you! The MapInstall did the trick. You can unsubscribe at any time.


Advanced Features Like the rest of the Nuvi series, the point of this garmiin is simplicity.

nüvi® 200W

Char, it is not possible. Mickey, it should work regardless of location. The gamrin failed in May 09, I shipped the unit to you Garmin nuvi 200 18 for warrenty work.

Lindsay – August 11th, While navigating the next turn information is displayed in text across the top of the display. Jesus – February 8th, I love my Nuvibut today it started garmin nuvi 200 up.

If your navigation needs are simple and you just want to get a device that will remind you of turns and take you to new destinations, the Nuvi would be a great choice. I planed a trip and its on garmin nuvi 200 but cant garmin nuvi 200 it to show on my doug – June 21st, Tim – May 5th, Can anyone give me a demo as how to make a custom route and make nuvi to follow it ONLY. Not sure which version of maps I have on my nuvi w Dennis – September 13th, As we were headed there from Houston, I asked my nuvi for routing.

Clicking on one of the results will display the phone number as well as town of that particular POI, along with a Go button to route to that location or a save button to save it garmin nuvi 200 your Favorites.