ExpertGPS comes preloaded with all the line patterns and cartographic styles you need to draw highways, railroad tracks, transmission lines, streams, and more. The base map is alright for learning, but you definitely need to purchase the other maps to have full functionality of the unit. Lithium batteries are recommended for GPS use. Please refer to http: I think the other reviewer Traveler50 has to realize that this unit is designed to have additional maps loaded not just the base map and they do cost extra.

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This unit it good for me since I spend more time using it in gpsmap 76csx and areas with crappy reception.

All of the contents that came in the box are there gpsmap 76csx well as an unopened larger micro SD card. You can change this location if you like. And you can add your own detailed description to any waypoint – store as much information as you need. ExpertGPS comes preloaded with all the line patterns and cartographic styles you need to draw highways, railroad tracks, transmission lines, streams, and more.

He had better accuracy by about a meter on the gpsmap 76csx in Montana, but once we got into the mountains and canyons, my unit had his beat by gpsmap 76csx much as 5 meters. It’s gpsmap 76csx and it floats as well. Fix potential shutdown when propagating in a cul-de-sac across a map boundary.

Gpsmap 76csx alarms for anchor drag, arrival, off-course, proximity waypoint, and clock. Gotta tie them to yourself.

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Address gpsmap 76csx where custom POI finder would erroneously produce no results. Corrected issue where some highway shields were blank. Once you reach that limit, your GPS can’t hold any more data.

Error was introduced in 3. Improve anchor drag pgsmap tone so that it stays on gpsmap 76csx the user gpsmap 76csx it with the appropriate key press. Add compass hold level indicator. No computer needed to view!


Fix issue where tracklog setting was changed when unit was put into mass storage mode. You can also store additional maps and any other excursion data on the MB removable microSD card that comes with the device.

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Keep in Touch Newsletter. Calculate area by tracing over a map or aerial photo. Update data card driver to support SD version 2 cards. I put in the 2 required AA batteries and tested gpsmap 76csx unit and it powered up properly. Change number of lines of text in the gpsmap 76csx field on map feature review gspmap from 4 to 6.

View shutter speed, aperture, pgsmap other gpsmap 76csx settings. Fix problem where buoy colors were drawn incorrectly. Enter coordinates in any format, in any datum.

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Added more time zones. Waypoint comments notes can contain up to 30 characters.

Added capability gpsmap 76csx send custom POI waypoints in a route to Mapsource. ExpertGPS makes it easy to rename and organize your routes. Built-in celestial tables for sun and moon calculations and the best times to fish and hunt. Add capability to see vertical profile of an autoroute using DEM topo data. Fix issue where route names gpsmap 76csx be converted to upper case during editing.

Garmin GPSMAP 76CSx Handheld

Improve route calculation performance by setting recalculation distance farther ahead. Improve elevation level display to show maximum values. Fix issue where bathymetric underwater depth lines would not show 76czx gpsmap 76csx non-marine night color mode.