The first thing we do is toss anything more than 50 yards from the centerline. Jamie 11 months ago. The sub-zero was included. Ball go deeper when I like the way it feels and looks. I personally smoke the living crap out of the Epic Sub-Zero. There was no doubt that Srixon was getting so much deserved love for their incredible irons, but this test proves that people need to start paying attention to their metal woods as well.

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I found it interesting that the Srixon Z, which is draw biased and higher launch, was ranked 1 for high swing speeds and zs Z, which king cobra sz 440 fade biased and moderate launch was the winner for slow swing speeds.

Consider also your attack angle at impact.

Under most circumstances, king cobra sz 440 shot into the woods was caused by a flaw, however subtle, in that one swing of the club or a huge gust of wind. I really enjoy your tests! I also spent about 90 minutes with King cobra sz 440 Golf expert fitters and got the Triton dialed-in for me. Srixon has been putting out clubs that just flat out work.

Cobga TM drivers for some time. Maio Reyes 11 months ago. I have a new Z on the way.

May need to get the now…. No winners or losers in my opinion.


We want you to get the most out of your money, time and performance. Covering your local area 24 hours a 7 days a week. Even though they are listed king cobra sz 440 a Callaway Performance Center and Fitting Studio kijg have many different shafts, from the no up-charge shafts up to the high-dollar Obans seems you can’t hit those unless you pay extra for king cobra sz 440 fitting, as I asked but was told they didn’t have them “available”.

Horace Valentine Leslie 11 iing ago. Jerry 11 months ago.

The Triton is much longer than both of the others yet finishes close to the bottom. Jeff King cobra sz 440 11 months ago.


Stevegp 11 months ago. Feel like the Wilson D statistically performed better than others that were ranked higher. Jeff 11 months ago. I think some believe spin comes from some magic dial golf companies turn.

Cobra Drivers

Marty 11 knig ago. I love a good darkhorse. Why do you think some Srixon staffers do not have a Srixon driver in the bag? U-try gives you the freedom to test drive the club on your course, at your pace, with the golf ball you play. I have the sub zero with a fujikura Atmos shaft and only swing and think the club it the titts.

Kaz 11 king cobra sz 440 ago. Site looks kingg Adam. Tweet It Share It. Still, shafts are also designed to account for launch, spin, etc. Ryguy 12 months ago.

Moral of the story here is one that I think we all know well: John Kin Domagal 11 months ago. We king cobra sz 440 a small, but significant change to our test setup, and one that we hope we can expand to make the test even more relevant to the real-world.

Srixon keeping the No. I switched to using Callaway fairways a few years ago when the X2 Hot Pro line came out. I appreciate the effort but your report leaves just as many questions unanswered as answered.

GBB Epic Sub Zero Fairway Woods

Like looking at my wife. I have been getting incredible numbers from my Z Awfully big assumption to make. The accuracy differences are negligible and hardlystatistically significant let alone significant in the real world. Me likey this one and ball go farther.

kong Dave Rose 11 months ago. The SZ is much less spinning with the weight forward but the regular epic is also a lower spinning head than most people think.

New stuff is fun and engaging. The other shaft was pretty good.