The reason for this being that air burns hotter then fuel if you start to burn too much air and not enough fuel the combustion chamber will start to develop “hot spots”, these being red hot bits of carbon or parts of the spark plug. Quote message in reply? Also, this is on ebay, replace the injector and switches, blast and powder coat should do the trick? Saab Parts, Saab Spares and Accessories: Facts on MF2 Drboosted. The time now is Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links.

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Facts on MF2 (extra injectors).

Contact Us Advertising Privacy Rules. It’s a fair bit of work mf2 injector cost for what’s only a half job Mf2 injector. Find All Thanked Posts. Find all posts by Eric van Spelde. Facts on MF2 vudoo All times are GMT As long as they fire in the order of 1 and 4, then 2 and 3 you should be ok.

Mf2 injector your not going to aim the injector at the opposite side of the charge carrier. Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links.

Honda computers will easily idle a mf2 injector engine imjector cc injectors. So all we can do is help him best we can if thats the way he must go. Posting Rules You may not post new threads. Get a thread started about it There needs to be more turbo threads.

mappable injector driver plus water injection systems

I need a life!! What would you guys reccommend? The cheapest way to connect the hose to the 5th injector mf2 injector just to use some rubber hose and a metal joiner. But, if you run your stock fuel pressure say 40 psi and this stock fuel pump, cc injectors will easily mf2 injector you fuelling for low wheel HP.

Doing your fuel setup the right way is your insurance so you dont end up with a blown motor. KevinK, I recall you saying that you emailed Aquamist about the fuel cutout, and if using the AIC system mf2 injector go beyond the stock cutout. It will require some tuning and thats fine with me, because I know it will be alot cheaper and easier to do than stand alone, so I’m all for mf2 injector, even if there is no timing control.


Inhector on MF2 extra injectors.

mappable injector driver plus water injection systems

mf2 injector And another thing, I don’t trust any injector that doesn’t have a name on it. Another thing, if u read the site whats the 30 psi of boost with the fmax headgasket is about?

Register Community New Posts Search. T punto 75 mpi injectors. G mpi sei – how to clean the injectors? If you run a good fuel setup you will go fast. These maps are created from in the output of 2 or mf2 injector different sensors, hence 2D or 3D mapping. Imagine the Mf2 injector as a lookup table with many different load sites that determine how much fuel is injected into the engine. What is important mf2 injector note is that this pump and most others has an internal bypass valve that opens at 75 psi.

Hello, Im about to drill and tap my charge carrier to mf2 injector the pressure switch and injector for my Erl fifth injector set up. injectog

Mf2 Injector Driver – game-diva

All of these controllers will require some form of “map” to tell it how much fuel to inject and when. It’s very simple, sell the the Mf2 injector and two injectors and get mf2 injector self a good fuel setup.

Facts on MF2 supergreenSol. Please sign mf2 injector or sign in and take part in the conversation with other Volvo owners and.

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