I kinda want one haha Ebay http: For people saying the Sensei is the way to go they are wrong. Your name or email address: The Sensei is a clone of the Intellimouse Optical 1. It feels a bit random. You are viewing our forum as a guest. Hi Pete, Thanks for the warm welcome.

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I just tried mine on my raindrop xl for the first time last night, and I have to say, it pwns pretty hard. In my opinion its better than Intellimouse 5 buttons in shape?

You are viewing our forum as a guest. For full access please Register. Which OS are you using – XP, wheelmousd Or if you already have an account: Maybe the sensor isn’t strong enough for that and skips sometimes dunno.

Hi, Just to keep up to date with my mouse problems. Anything is better optival that analog stick so im just posting this to see some discussion about low DPI mouses for future XIM3 user’s to see Are there any mouses with high DPI with a similar body to my microsoft mouse?

If it’s good enough for the best Q4 players, you don’t need to worry about it messing up your game. Hi Tony, Thx but I have done all of that and no luck.

It doesn’t even have to “fast”.

Microsoft Wheel Mouse Optical a Wired USB and Ps/2 Compatible OEM White | eBay

MouseReview submitted 1 year ago by york2k. Submit a new text post. It almost made me keep it wjeelmouse in in favor of my G3. Home Help Search Login Register. That changed in the late 20th century, accelerating into the present day.


Official Mouse Reps

Personnal preference, but having to tell your fingers to deal with 4 buttons coming from a WMO is pretty painful. Is it a registry issue?

Do you already have an account? Even changing to standard drivers and then changing back may correct the problem. I was referring to others saying wireless keyboards have lag, Such as this thread http: Maybe I 1.1z programs that were starting that were conflicting with the mouse drivers or i was using to much memory on start and it was affecting the mouse. Hi Pete, Thanks for the warm welcome.

Hi, Mouse stopped on me again, back to to the drawing board. Wheel Mouse Optical 1.

MS Wheel Mouse Optical 1.1A Stops Working?

Sorry if I’m derailing the thread a bit, but what do you consider to be a good price? If there is any lag it would be like what, milliseconds? Microsoft Opticaal Mouse Optical 1.

Thu, 19 September However, there are a lot of clones running better sensor out there, and you’d better get one of the following: Dunno if it’s just faulty one or what’s wrong.

I can get back into the action in no time at all. Do you have anything else plugged into the USB ports? I hope this will fix my problem.