At middle left are three of the most immediately useful tools, the eyedroppers for setting white, black, and gray points. Sell one like this. However it fails when called as twain from within graphic software – it says “close your scanner doors” despite they’re closed. I think now it’s basically just on the super-high end Servers.. Interface to the host computer is via a high-speed SCSI-2 interface, meaning you’ll need to have such a port installed in your computer to use it. Often, we find ourselves wanting to save a group of settings before engaging in further experimentation, so we have a known good point to return to if our twiddling goes awry.

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The edges of each slot set absolute limits for the horizontal position minoltw the slide mount, but there’s a bit more play about a full millimeter side-to-side with slides than is present in the filmstrip adapter.

This list may help us to further improve the. All the original contents are intact and unused. With the film inside, the whole assembly is inserted into the front of the scanner. See all condition definitions – opens in a new window or tab. The key is turning on the scanner before booting up your computer. minolta dimage scan dual f2400

The Minolta Dimage Scan Dual film scanner is aimed at the “personal” scanner market, di,age fits well within that market, with a very affordable price, excellent resolution, and good control software.

You need to determine the max RAM your machine can handle, and upgrade.

The unit has also been thoroughly cleaned and serviced internally. Yes, I should’ve used Krauts Discussion in ‘ Digital Darkroom ‘ started by hammerstoneJul 9, Thanks for sharing this info and file!

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Using minolta dimage scan dual f2400 ancient technology The prescanned image now can be adjusted for brightness, contrast, color balance, levels, histogram, etc. I really do like the idea of having a more updated computer that will minolta dimage scan dual f2400 able to handle a newer scanner down the road, and there’s a pretty good one local craigslist for a good price, but you add that with a new SCSI card, additional RAM, and a copy of Vuescan thanks for the recommendation btwand it kind of starts to add up.

However it fails when called as twain from within graphic software – it says “close your scanner doors” despite they’re closed. Your old card in your current computer may work as well.


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Even here though, minor tweaks by Minolta contribute greatly to ease-of-use. I’m told that it could be very cheap, or very expensive, minolta dimage scan dual f2400 depends. Even at that though, we’ve long felt that removing key features such as the “levels” control is no gift to the end-user. I have XP on 3 ‘puters.

Using the ancient technology…

Overall color accuracy was excellent, with color saturation just a notch away from the minolta dimage scan dual f2400 best we’ve seen to date January, In many cases, these are “dedicated” cards, that will only run the particular device they’re shipped with. If you’re running Windows ’95, dimate sure to check the revision level you have installed.

For a more complete walk-through of scanner operation, check out Minolta’s excellent web site for their scanners: These are used to set the brightness values the scanner will consider to be the minimum blackmaximum whiteand a middle value grayfor each of the color channels. Delivery times may vary, especially during peak daul.

How to run old Minolta scanners on Vista & 7

Photoshop LE is adequate to the needs of most semi-pro users, and will provide the full range of capabilities that most users will need to achieve the best results. Here’s what I have: In the histogram curves for this image, note how minolta dimage scan dual f2400 right-hand side of the curves high brightness values are flat, because there aren’t any pixels with those brightness values.

The scanner works dimagf and is in excellent condition physically. The holders have detent notches on eimage that provide repeatable film positioning, and yet allow dua manual advance of the film between frames. Just slide the holder in until it clicks, then click on Prescan. The “Variations” screen minolta dimage scan dual f2400 has a button that enlarges the current selection to full-screen size, making it easier to assess the current picture quality.

Most take you to secondary screens shown below, where you can modify the tone and color balance of the scanned image.