From left to right, their functions are as follows: Minolta’s film scanner line is overall marked by good user interface design IMHO , strong specs, and excellent optics, at generally competitive prices. High performance at an amazingly low price. The brilliance and sharpness of transparencies is also rendered truthfully. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Film handling Holders are provided for slides and film strips.

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Although not as sophisticated or as effective as ICE3, which is featured on many more expensive cameras, the Auto Dust Brush does the job well. Available from these sellers.

This scanner is minolta dimage scan dual iii. The shot above shows an applied histogram correction and a tone curve move. In some of the timings below, I’ve showed the scanning and processing time separately, so you can get an idea of how much speedup you might expect with a more capable computer.

This is perhaps the most “user friendly” adjustment control, ideal for people who are novices at image correction. Yet despite the relatively low cost, the specification list reads like that of a much more expensive scanner.

Minolta Dimage Scan Dual III Film Scanner Review

Three eyedropper tools let you set black, midtone, and white points by clicking on the eyedropper and then clicking minolta dimage scan dual iii a specific portion of the image. I did have to do a little research but it works fine on Debian Jessie Read full review. Save Image Correction Job: The software provided Adobe Photoshop Elements will also satisfy most requirements.

I was slightly surprised to find that the Auto Dust Brush setting applies to all frames being scanned in a given film holder. The black bar shows a measure of how good the focus currently is, while the white bar shows minolta dimage scan dual iii highest level that’s been reached since you opened the window.

Minolta’s “Auto Dust Brush” dust-removal software. These are both handled automatically by the scanner and offer an advantage over some other scanners in that you can batch scan several slides at once.

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It turns out that the Dimage “dust cleaner” is just software and not a mechanical cleaner. With the slider set at “Low,” very little dust is removed, but image details are left dimsge.


Removes the previous adjustment made. Published on July 29, duaal There is a newer model of this item: This is a somewhat subjective evaluation.

Good deal to have for archiving those old film stripe This is older generation of the DiMage scan Dual scanner. Her expertise extends to digital cameras, scanners, printers, imaging and illu Customers also shopped for. I have tried to overcome this but without any success to date.

Konica Minolta Dimage Scan Dual III Scanner

The window can be moved anywhere over the preview image, so you can see the effects of any changes made. You can turn this function off in the Preferences menu, but leaving it on isn’t too painful.

It literally couldn’t be any easier than this, and the Pixel Polish option will at minolta dimage scan dual iii get you in the ballpark of correct exposure and color settings for most images. They didn’t sacrifice features or quality on this one. Enables the Sdan adjustment window, which displays a handful of variations for each of the available adjustments.

Konica Minolta Photo Imaging Europe GmbH: DiMAGE Scan Dual III

Sign up to our newsletter: Published on November 19, A set of directions instruct you to load the film, choose the film type, select an image, make any automatic adjustments, pick a usage which determines the scan resolutionand finally, scan the image. Minolta dimage scan dual iii default after installing the scanner software, the Auto expose for slides and Autofocus at scan options aren’t enabled.

I like the way this control panel combines the tone curve and histogram controls into a single interface, yet keeps them separate so you can see what you’re doing. The right window of the tab holds the same image resolution and size options, though the buttons that line top of the window change.

You can draw a freehand minolta dimage scan dual iii by clicking on the Freehand Curve tool the pencil button to the right of the Tone Curves graphwhich converts the cursor into a pencil draw tool.