Lastly, I saw it mentioned that this problem could be related to Windows 10 default setting of Fast Startup and it was suggested to disable that. By Cheez , Senior Member on 8th March , HDCP is mandatory for the output of certain audio formats, placing additional constraints on the multimedia setup. Your PC might meet the minimum requirements for the games you want to play but that only means it will at least play at minimum levels. The X Pro is the first ATI card that supports native Crossfire implementation by a pair of internal Crossfire connectors, which eliminates the need for the unwieldy external dongle found in older Crossfire systems.

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Other improvements include x texture support and ATI’s 3Dc normal map compression sees an improvement in compression ratio for more specific situations.

Radeon R5xx Acceleration v. Sorry for long time reply: The X does not come close to meeting those requirements. These chips basically use 1 “quad” referring to 4 pipelines of a R, whereas the faster boards use just more of these “quads”.

By default you shouldn’t need radeon x1300 x1500 series make any adjustments to enjoy your media content immediately.

Unlike the X, the X has 16 pixel shader processors as well, and equal ratio of texturing radeon x1300 x1500 series pixel shading capability. For radeon x1300 x1500 series, the X uses 4 “quads”. I’ve gone into the BIOS but it didn’t have an onboard graphics enabled. I haven’t x5100 opened it up because I don’t want to void the warrenty. So a little raceon and error may be involved. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The chip’s single “quad” has 3 pixel shader processors per pipeline, similar to the design of R’s 4 quads.

ATI Radeon X/X Series (mb) Problem – TechSpot Forums

Right click on rafeon Display Adapter and select Update Driver. I didn’t look radeon x1300 x1500 series there to much but thought it radeon x1300 x1500 series be in there. Can you download something and play it through WMP off flash drive or harddrive. Installed in compatibility with windows 7 but i have a lot of BSOD. ATI has been working for years on a high-performance shader compiler in their driver for their older hardware, so staying with a similar basic design that is compatible offered obvious cost and time savings.


Are you a developer? Depending on the games you are trying to play, low settings might be the only way to play them. Windows 10 Forums Once the mouse appears press the space-bar and enter your login password or pin yes your doing this blind.

I radeon x1300 x1500 series arrowing down 1 time to the “Duplicate” option and that worked for me.

ATI Radeon X1300/X1550 Series (256mb) Problem

You should radeon x1300 x1500 series be radeon x1300 x1500 series into Windows. You already know it will play at low levels. In addition to ring bus, each memory channel now has the granularity of rareon, which improves memory efficiency when performing small memory requests. Ati Radeon X problem Apr 2, Apparently there is an issue where Windows may think it’s trying to display on a non-existent monitor. When one of the shader quads becomes idle, due to a completion of a task or waiting for other data, the dispatch engine will assign the quad with another task to do in the meantime, with the overall result being a greater utilization of the shader units, theoretically.

This card not work on Windows 10 32bit system.

For example you wouldn’t expect your computer to just play blue ray or hddvd. What can i do or when will the guys from AMD will go out with new drivers??? This series is the budget radeon x1300 x1500 series of the X series and is based on the RV core.

The problem had been almost random in how it affected the prototype chips, making it quite difficult to finally identify. XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers.

Your instructions worked perfectly, good work man!