Regardless of the flexibility you choose, make sure that your clubs have similar swing weights to ensure consistency in feel throughout the set. Our Choice If you are in the market for the best driver for senior golfer, the Cobra F6 comes highly recommended. Shafts that are more flexible can produce more distance but also tend to twist more and can result in a loss of accuracy. Aldila is the 1 Graphite Shaft in Play on Tour. With advancing age, senior golf players often experience a drastic decrease in their swing speeds.

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Flex selection charts for steel and graphite shafts which take into account swing tempo are available at the site identified in the resource section.

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Even if you are good with the driver and 3-wood, consider replacing the longer irons with hybrids for best results. Senior flex senior flex golf are appropriate for golfers who swing between 75 and 90 mph and carry senior flex golf driver about to yards. The set has graphite shafts on all clubs, which make them suitable for seniors.

senior flex golf Also shop in Also shop in. Covered by a one year limited warranty. Cons The club looks a tad flashy in bright black, white and orange colors, and might be unsuitable if you prefer more mature looking clubs. Aldila Golf Shaft Vs.

Another yardstick to decide whether you need senior flex shafts is to look at your max distance on shots: Though lacking senior flex golf adjustable features, these clubs do sport Velocity Slot technology to promote forgiveness, along with SlimTech shafts for easier swings.

fleex Additional Shaft Senior flex golf A variety of additional shaft characteristics may influence the distance and accuracy of your shots. You can also ask for advice on other shaft characteristics, such as weight, kick point and torque.

Many golfers do not like to tinker with the settings on their clubs.

Why Use Senior Flex Golf Clubs? | Healthy Living

This can be mitigated by adding extra loft to the clubs. IF you are in such a dilemma, then Majek golf clubs could very well be the answer to your prayers. Things to Senior flex golf Srnior In A Driver For Seniors Senior golfers at an advanced age may want to leave out a driver altogether and use a 3 or 4-hybrid for best results. Finally, the swing weight of the club will influence the way it feels throughout the glf.


Without the boost from a flexed shaft through impact your shots will tend senior flex golf come off lower than they should. Senior flex golf though golf is far more forgiving than other demanding sports like tennis or football, there is still a lot of physicalities involved in hitting the ball with explosive force driving the clex hundreds of yards.

Graphite Senior Flex Golf Shafts

All the clubs except the putter come with graphite shafts seior are ideal for seniors. Dale’s Winning Edge, a site that provides senior flex golf on golf technology and equipment, asserts that golfers who carry the ball between and yards require a senior flex shaft.

The ProCustom from Grafalloy allows clubmakers the flexability to fit a wide range of golfers. There are no customization options, and taller golfers may need to get the clubs fitted to suit them. We will take a look at some senior flex golf the best golf clubs for seniors available in in our shortlist, which includes the following clubs:. Shots may spray left or right depending on the timing of your swing senior flex golf a particular shot.

How to Measure for Fitted Golf Clubs.

Why Use Senior Flex Golf Clubs?

A shaft with a higher kick-point, or the point at which the shaft experiences the most bending at the apex of the swing, will produce a lower flight-path. But this depends entirely on your body and fitness levels. Higher lofts on all clubs will suit the senior flex golf senior golfer.

The clubs senipr all fitted with higher lofts and available in lightweight graphite shafts with senior or uniflex designation. What Is a Uniflex Shaft?

The lighter senior flex golf in both the iron and wood shafts will increase club head speed for greater distance. Aldila 65 Graphite Golf Shafts.

How to Flex Little Biceps. You should also include tempo in making your flex determination.