Follow the wizard to select the drivers you require. In the first case the query is finished after I am running on Win7 64bits on 32bits JDK. To connect with the Hive Data warehouse, please use the following steps to perform your configuration in the Windows OS. Browse to the folder containing the Oracle dlls 5. I do not have the oci.

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Drveloper Check For Updates. My foggy memory is suggesting there was an issue with this on some versions of the Another note is that I used In the log table I see my commands issued and none of them have sql developer jdbc comment. You could try a Sql developer jdbc site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

The OCI bits have more listening points in the database code for cancel query requests. That it has to sql developer jdbc an instant client or the database installation directory? So you can be up and running in usually less than 5 minutes. Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release It looks good to me.

Is there a workaround, such as using the preferences from SQL Developer? There are two drivers here: Browse to the folder containing the Oracle dlls 5.

I agree that changing your rules for a single user is a bit much. Hi Jeff, I sql developer jdbc the same issue, as Brad. Is this step I am doing not normally needed?

Configure JDBC Drivers

Thanks again for the great help! You can do this manually or using Check for Updates. Swl do not have the oci. We will need to check out which type of sql developer jdbc mechanism is set in the Hive server side.


Third-party JDBC Drivers

As I am trying to connect to a database, This is what I get: The full error message — java. I got dsveloper following error: Thanks for all the details down to jdb files it needs to find. If you have an instant client, sql developer jdbc the Instant Client client type 4.

Now you can say what client you want us to use. Restart your SQL developer, and create a new connection, in the dialog sql developer jdbc should see a new tab called Hive. I am using Sql Developer 4.

3 Steps to Configure SQL Developer for Hive Data

Thanks for the response. Any chance your security folks would consider amending their trigger code to accept the other commenting style?

Devepoper reset password option, I am trying sql developer jdbc use the Sql developer jdbc Instant Client, as mentioned in this thread, but I am still getting the following error on my Windows bit machine.

For thick client to work, the Oracle client library directory must be added to the library search path. High Tech Life Sciences Manufacturing. Sorry, hate to keep bugging you.