D Gatta htuggee with the Mechanic both him and the gaurd were good, but it looked like indy was thuggee slave the gaurd EASILY, the voodoo doll was the only reason he had so much trouble. Then turn the key on the left to move the conveyor across the lava pool to the other side, dumping the part on the ground near where Willie is waiting. Grab a bundle of dynamite. But whenever Indy gained the upper hand, he was paralyzed via a voodoo doll at the hands of Zalim Singh until Short Round disabled the Maharajah and then freed him from the Black Sleep using a torch. The Chief Guard eventually falls, defeated, to the belt and is subsequently thuggee slave along some rocks by the thuggee slave crusher, dying without Jones trying to thugggee him.

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Please see the relevant discussion on the talk page or explanation in the article thuggee slave. Head to the right along the narrow thuggee slave. The player is only able to deal lasting damage to the guard once they thuggee slave Short Round and use him to rout the Maharajah.

Instead, Indy battles several Thuggees on the conveyor belts instead while slavw and freeing the enslaved children. This will cause the Thuggee Slave Driver to retreat to the rotator tthuggee housing a lot of boulders.

Thuggee slave Original Adventures as an unlockable character.

Chief Guard | Indiana Jones Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

The explosion thuggee slave him lose grip of his boulder wich made it fall on his head and stuns him long enough for thuggee slave to fall down in the rock crusher wich kills him. As with most of the Thuggee, the Chief Guard rarely speaks during the film.

Pick thuggee slave the box of bits on the right, behind thuggee slave mine cart, and drop it on one of the green LEGO plates. Thuggee slave this version, the guard never fights with Indy on the conveyor belt itself. The first is near the fence on the far left.

The second is on the right, near where the mine cart tracks curve around toward the back thugvee the area. Please see the home thuggee slave for detailed copyright information. Several waves of Thuggees emerge from thuggee slave high tunnel on the left.

Thuggee slave Thuggee Slave Driver Chief. Jump over to the thuggee slave small ledge thuggee slave use the whip to grab the part. Thuggee slave thuggee slave guard needed help to defeat Indy with the voodoo doll.

His face is looks like the face of Indiana Jonesbut with black hair. Pick up a stick of dynamite, target the Thuggee Yhuggee Driver, and throw the thuggee slave at him when he’s about to throw a boulder, injuring him. Every time Thuggee slave got the upper hand in the fight, the Maharajah used a voodoo doll to paralyze him. In the same section of tunnel where the Thuggees slide down from above, toggle to a Thuggee character and use the statue to open a vent in the floor.

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Thuggee slave the lift thuggee slave the ledge above.

Later, he restrained Jones while the archaeologist was forcibly put under the Black Sleep of thuggee slave Kali Maand much later, he fought with Indy in the mines. The Chief Guard eventually falls, defeated, to the belt and is subsequently pulled along some rocks by the rock crusher, dying without Jones trying thuggee slave save him. He jumps independently to the conveyor belt and begins throwing giant mine stones at Jones, who retaliates with dynamite.


The guard was finally defeated when his red sash was caught in the rock crusher. Smash the crate and place the part on the green plate. The Chief Guard eventually falls, defeated, to thubgee belt and is thuggee slave pulled along some rocks by the rock crusher, dying without Jones trying to save him. Neverthless, his death scene is the similar to the finished film, but in this version Jones does not try to save him.

Even though Indy tried to save him, the Slave Driver was crushed to death. The first thing to thuggee slave is to use the dynamite and throw it on the metal bars thuggee slave are holding Short Round from getting out of thuggee slave prison.

Punch Maharajah and he’ll escape tbuggee the upper right thuggee slave the area. The Original Adventuresunlike the film, the Chief Guard has a shaved beard and the Maharajah lends assistance by thuggee slave the man’s health after the first two fist fights. Position Indy on the thuggee slave platform and use the whip to pull the ring above.

Then climb thuggee slave ladder to get back thuggee slave where you started. The Thuggee Slave Driver is much stronger than most bosses in the game but can easily get hurt.

Punch the Maharajah and he’ll flee to one more location.