This code is supplied on a small 2-sticker insert inside the box. This record has been provided to help you find parts for your scanner. Specifications Support Related Products. To do this, first, use a soft cloth, warm water and mild soap over the cleaned area. If ADF option is also checked, only scanners with both features will be found. Direct drivers can be found on the installation resource CD that ships with your scanner. Discontinued Click here for replacement.

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If truper 3600 is an application 36000 does not have the feature you’re looking for, please send a detailed message about the condition to: Features Truper 3600 Flatbed option is also checked, only scanners with both features will be found.

Note, that if you need bar code recognitionthe VRS 4. Click on the link Truper4.

Bell & Howell (Kodak) Truper 62ppm Color Duplex 11×17″ – VRS Plus

Roller life and truper 3600 cleaning schedules are directly dependent upon the paper that is scanned. To uninstall versions 4. What is the standard lead time for parts that are on back order? Additional Information on VRS 4.

Bowe Bell + Howell Truper 3600 Low-Volume Production Scanner From Inception Technologies

To uninstall versions prior to VRS 4. The rollers have a life of up truper 3600scans.

Click the Choose button. Notify me when Windows 7 drivers are available. Whatever your scanning needs, Truper helps you get it done faster and trupef efficiently. However, our extensive online support options make on-site visits unnecessary for many applications. United States truper 3600 Change ]. It also allows the form designer truper 3600 use corporate colors and have them dropped out as well.

This rruper help prevent residues from the cleaner from accelerating the truper 3600 described conditions. Select the first custom color box on the top portion of the dialog box.


This feature reduces files size and storage requirements by detecting and deleting blank pages within a scanned truper 3600. To view the above screen: Eliminates blank pages when scanned in duplex. In addition, it also reduces document preparation, as you can put both simplex and duplex documents in the same batch.

Specifications Support Related Products. This is the version of the Adrenaline runtime truper 3600 is shipped with VRS 4. The key is to remember that the size of the ink droplet is around 2uM uM is micrometers or 10 to the -6 power. It is used to make a 3600 of an original handwritten or impact printed paper form.

Then, wipe dry with a clean cloth.

Kodak Truper – document scanner Overview – CNET

To view the Installation Demonstration, click truper 3600 After VRS has been installed, VRS will ask that an activation code be entered, or to connect to the VRS activation servers over the truper 3600 to automatically receive the activation code.

Where I can download drivers for my scanner? Upgrade instructions for users with VRS prior to 4. X onto a test or demonstration computer: The Advanced Settings dialog hruper will appear. To do this, first, use a soft cloth, warm water and mild soap over the cleaned area. Change the scanner settings back to black and white, simplex or duplex and scan one document.

To finish, close the Truper 3600 Trkper.