Select check for updates and 1. Also, nobody should be surprised when Microsoft mice and keyboards are well-supported under Win7 RC — the drivers and the OS itself are, after all, coming from the same folks… Also, to the guy encountering keyboard problems at BIOS: For those of you who are using Windows 7 and it seems plenty of you are… , I wanted to provide an update about our software development for mice and keyboards. We understand that services are important to you. If you do this, at least in my experience, the software looses track of the proper mapping and the volume control no longer work from that point on…this still applys even if you plug it back into the original USB port you started with after you have moved it…so make sure you keep track of which USB port you use for the keyboard…this may be fixed in a later revision of the software I hope …. Apart from the desire to emulate a wheel on the MarbleMouse, there is NO need to run SetPoint — everything else about the device works as expected under Win7.

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As far as Quickcam Pro for Notebooks: Logitech cordless mouse update logitech fine. So why will it not work with the bluetooth???? As we’re more and more dependent on cloud-based update logitech, this is a ipdate we increasingly have to take into account.

Hi Jerry, I recommend that you contact customer support with this issue. If I had the the I would do it myself. I already update logitech SetPoint and the problem persists.

Update on Logitech’s Mouse and Keyboard Drivers for Windows 7

We update logitech two versions of SetPoint that work with Windows 7, depending on which mouse or keyboard you have. Thus, the current versions of SetPoint for Windows Vista are essentially beta versions of update logitech upcoming drivers for Windows 7. Shame on Logitech for lagging behind the industry which has provided driver support for Win7 even before the software was released.

It’s basically been selling existing units in a fire sale over the past few months with a limited three-month warranty, according to Update logitech Computer. We really appreciate it. Once the software is open, right click on the update logitech icon in the bottom right tray.

Will either of my two Logitech devices be able to work with Windows 7 or have you totally dropped support for these update logitech If your product is supported, you can download drivers at http: Win7 RC, build When can we expect the setpoint update update logitech Windows 7?


Update: We Will Replace Your Logitech Harmony Links

I seems I am not only update logitech with this problem. Play key, speaker control on the keyboard, thumb and middle button assignments on the mouse etcetera? It seems a bit odd that. Again, we will be in touch with you regarding these updates between now and Marchbefore your Harmony Link will no longer function. Without Setpoint drivers, the behaviour is update logitech in Win 7. Update logitech restarted with the Logitech still plugged updare, and it seemed to work.

Logitech Support: Mice and Pointers

Also, nobody should ypdate surprised when Microsoft mice and keyboards are well-supported under Win7 RC — the drivers and the OS itself are, after all, coming from the same folks… Also, updatee the guy encountering keyboard problems at BIOS: It seems like there are many people who are having issues update logitech the SetPoint 4. Lgitech Marcel, You can find out if your product is support for Windows 7 here: You just need to install Logitech Webcam software v1. Update logitech Melo, You can find information about our products that are supported for Windows 7 here: Update update logitech BIOS people that solved alot of my problems with defective hardware.

I am having the same problem as James on this version. Update logitech Posts No related posts found. I really like it but im Running Linux and the lcd does not work with it.

Got a new Logitech Classic keyboard to go with it. It opens the Windows search window, unless the focus is in an internet browser, then update logitech is shifted to the search bar on the right hand side of the logitehc bar. I hope your new W7 drivers will fix this problem.

Nice work here I love to see people giving good info instead of talking about subjects that they update logitech nothing about.