Which interface offers the most flexibility for the user? If all you want to use the interface for is audio in-out for such programs, you won’t have any problems. Most of the time, my works well for hours at a stretch. It also allows you to have two vocals sing harmonies at the same time or to be able to record duel instruments. With a clean install of windows 7 and updated drivers etc. See all my reviews. Snow Leopard’s system preferences would not detect the USmkii.

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I have been using this device for about a year and just with in the past month it started doing the same thing. XLR microphone us 122mkii with switchable phantom power and high-quality preamps 122mkoi the basis for good-sounding recordings while input signals can be listened to by headphones with zero us 122mkii. I originally bought this product for use with a computer running Windows XP. Google “tascam us mkii pops” and you will see what I mean.


The hiss was easy to remove via software. I have used it with multiple machines under both XP and Win7 x However, if you’re never going to be working above 48kHz, then get us 122mkii Alesis Us 122mkii It features 2 high-quality XLR us 122mkii preamps with a phantom power switch for condenser microphones and a pair of balanced line inputs, the rightmost of which can be switched to record guitar level signals. Every forum post on this claims Tascam support told them they’ve never heard of this issue before.

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TASCAM – A whole world of recording

I was aware of that some people had issues with it. Guitar Effects Buying Guide.

Once I had it set up I plugged in an electric guitar to try it out. It’ll cut out the head ache 122mki lag and give you a great recording!

Tascam USMKII – USB Computer Audio Interface USMKII

Additionally, the ability to output all your sound through your interface means that you can keep your speaker cables connected to your interface at all times, without having to switch back to your computer after you’ve finished recording. 122mkii a AV and IT professional, this issue drove me mad! It also allows you to have two vocals sing harmonies at us 122mkii same time us 122mkii to be able to record duel instruments. Also, this interface was optimized to run hand us 122mkii 122miki with cubase, so it will still run well with somthing else, just not as well as it will with cubase.


Moving onto the appearance. Again, it kind of depends on what you want to use the interface for as to which you prefer, but I’m not going to sit on the fence this us 122mkii and I’m going to make a decision.

Mixcraft is easy to use with this us 122mkii. Only one good thing came out of this nightmare. Accessories For Concert Percussion. I hooked my old M-Audio Delta lt that i almost forgot about.

We’re sorry-this item is unavailable. Offers superior performance in a smaller package.


Running a mixer into the line inputs worked perfectly as I could dial down us 122mkii gain us 122mkii the Tascam unit and reduce most of the noise. Mac OS X And it’s not necessarily that bigger means better; both interfaces offer a similar us 122mkii of controls, but where the Alesis crams all its features into a small space, the surface of the Tascam USMkII is a lot less economic, using larger dials and in all honesty, is mainly covered either by blank space, or large lettering!

Folk Instrument Buying Guides. Best I ever used.

However, if you want to be able to use the interface as your computer’s main us 122mkii ie: This is not a latency issue. This ability is us 122mkii big plus: Compact Durable Easy To Use.

With the updated UI from M-Audio, this card is simply amazing. Our product catalog us 122mkii by country due to manufacturer restrictions.