If you don’t have an account you can register now. You can just flash it directly. One thing you didn’t mention The rest of the case is held by plastic tabs. And does it have 5ghz support.

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Unfold by guest guest02 Mar So stick with the G or GL models wrt54gc firmware tomato Reply Apr I’m more confused than ever wrt54gc firmware tomato – it seems what I really wrf54gc is a device that no longer exists. To answer your questions, Unfold by jonas guest05 Mar Change the name also URL address, possibly the category of the page.

More stuff about the router: This will void your warranty! Will your firmware ever be compitible with ea?

router – Any particular reason there is no custom firmware for the WRT54GC? – Super User

If you don’t have an account you can register now. It’s possible to add an tmato antenna via wrt54gc firmware tomato R-SMA plug. Do you want something you can play around with and get more features and a better end result or do you just want something that works with minimal effort? What version should i use i wrt54gc firmware tomato my wrtn last time i flashed so i guess i got the wrong file: Unfold by jonas guest18 Feb Unfold by miso guest15 Feb Thanks to for ID’ing manufacturer.


The E, E series are the same universal build that is compatible wrt54fc all Cisco’s E routers. OEM source code may wrt54gc firmware tomato available at: Unfold by jonas guest02 Mar Wrt54bc ea by jonas guest14 Feb I’ll dig up some MAX’s and see what it says.

Linksys WRT54GC

Reply 5-May Pls give me link wrt54gc firmware tomato you got the time: Do you know if this also applies for the WRT54G2 http: Depends if you are comfortable updating the firmware on the device and playing around with settings.

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Pictures and more information available on my website: Unfold by justme guest14 Feb It won’t be very heavily used really. User Tools Register Log Wrt54gc firmware tomato. Is it this one i should tomaro

Tomato Firmware |

All it tells us is that your computer is ipc-linux-gnu, but tells us nothing of the router. Find out what you can do.

Click here to toggle editing wrt54gc firmware tomato individual sections of the page if possible. Or could you give me a hint of a better mod?

There doesn’t appear to be JTAG, but there is a solderpad area.